Jewellery Cleaning Products


Specially produced by the Town Talk Polish Co. Ltd, these cleaning products are safe and easy to use.

When you have something you treasure, you want to make sure it always looks as good as new. Maintaining the finish and value of your gold and silver jewellery is quite easy. So treat your beloved jewellery to some care and attention with our new cleaning products. Every jewellery cleaner has been specially formulated to have minimal impact on the environment and have never been tested on animals.


Gold & Diamond Jewellery Cleaner
Gold & Diamond Jewellery Cleaner £7.95
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Silver Jewellery Cleaner
Silver Jewellery Cleaner £7.95
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Anti-Tarnish Gold Polishing Cloth
Anti-Tarnish Gold Polishing Cloth £3.95
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Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth
Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth £3.95
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Diamond Dazzle Stik
Diamond Dazzle Stik £9.99
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