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Modesty, chastity and purity

Pearl Jewellery Specialist Sussex.

The word pearl comes from the latin word pirum, which means pear and relates to the shape of gem. Ancient Greeks believed that pearls promote marital bliss and that a pearl necklace can also prevent newly-wed brides from crying.

Pearl jewellery has made a comeback recently and they make ideal gifts.

What to look out for:
Lustre: the shine and reflection on the pearl's surface.
The surface: if you rub it against your teeth, a real pearl should feel slightly rough as it is a natural product, fake pearls feel smooth.
Colour: colour preferences for pearls differ around the world and depend largely on fashion and location. Pearl comes in various shades, including shimmering white and glistening pink.
Shape: pearls are usually round, but cultured pearls can be encouraged to grow into other shapes.

Why not check out our range of pearl jewellery online, or pop into our store to see the full range for that perfect gift for your partner.

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